It has been a long time since I posted something last time.

A lot of things happened to me. I didn’t see them coming. In short, I messed up. Till now I suffer from depression and anxiety from time to time. I felt so hard to move on, especially when it comes to the fact that I used to have the chance to do better.

However, thanks to god I still have someone supporting me all the time. Without them I can not imagine what I would look like today.

I’ve wasted too much time wondering and regretting. The problem I’ve been facing has not gone yet. But one thing so important and I forgot long ago, is that only by practicing can one really grab the chance to change.

So I decided to start over. I’ve been on the track of OSSU for a while. And this is my board of progress. The Learning How to Learn series on Coursera helps me a lot, too.

Is it too late to do so? It might be. But I really don’t want anything like “If I do this earlier” on my “list of regrets” any more.

Good luck to me and all my beloved who are also on a journey.